Dummy Video to attach for export

Hi there, I am playing with video support and was wondering if Racechrono could allow for exporting a "dummy video" with just the overly and an otherwise transparent background (just the Alpha channel). It would make editing and cutting in FCP a lot easier especially when more than one camera was used, because I could add and align the overlay in FCP as a separate clip. cuts and Multicam editing would become a lot easier.....

Thx !!


  • on my to-do list, thank you for the suggestion once more.
  • edited December 2021
    I am also in favour of this feature :smile:
  • Again - Super and TY !!
  • @aol any update on the feature?
  • No, but it's quite high on my TO-DO list now.
  • I am creating backgrounds in FCPX in pure green and exporting them in different resolutions and clip lengths - mostly 4k 4:3 in 5 Min length (that one only takes up 8MB in space). I create my video overlay using these green screen clips and then drop them into the FCP timeline with the track video (3 streams usually). works like a charm....
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