Suggestions for in car semi-permanent installation?

edited January 2022 in RaceChrono for Android

Hi, I’ve recently changed smartphone but I’m keeping the old OnePlus 6 as RaceChrono and Google Maps dedicated device in a semi-permanent installation on a 2010 Mazda MX5. The car will retain the 1DIN aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth. I would like to have the phone at the same level of the main dashboard, I’ll probably create a sort of instrument cluster shade and put it just next to the existent one.

The idea is to use Google Maps to navigate to the track and then use RaceChrono for timing and data logging. Maybe also YouTube Music :)

After I want to use another Android device to review the sessions and overlay video and data.

The phone will have a SIM with 4G data connection and when parked in my garage will have Wi-Fi access to internet and in the same local network of my apartment.

I am looking for suggestions on how to install in the car (I’ve a 3D printer and I’m not afraid of using it), particularly if there is a way to have physical buttons to control the main functions (home, back, tap) and how to perform the data sync between devices, i.e. using Resilio Sync (I’ve a lifetime license) to sync the app support folders or other strategies.

Thank you!

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