Export Lap Times

Is there a way to export just the summary tables for Sessions?
I keep a record of times for tracks and normally use the official timings for events. However, for practice runs I use RaceChrono's times, so would like to export and store this in an excel sheet with the official times I record at various tracks. I can only see how to do the full export of data and dont need to export that.


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    Have you tried to export in "Excel lap list (.ods)" format? It gives an error when opened in latest Excel, but the tables show up just fine. If that starts failing worse, I think I'll do either an HTML or PDF export instead.
  • thx,
    I did try that, but had troubles - I'll give it another go.
    If we move to another format, please ensure the txt can be copied from that format into xls.
  • I ran the export again, got the 120sec export warning (currently just using free version), then it crashed the export before finishing. After the third attempt Android said "app keeps crashing" so I did "send report".
    Hope this helps.
  • Oh ok. It's not supposed to work on free version, but not crash either.
  • bugger, hand transcription it is.
    I've been using Racechrono on and off since the Windows Mobile days and other phone based loggers along the way. Always found they lacked accuracy or were unstable and so relied on other methods. The advent of 10hz GPS has helped the accuracy a lot, but I didnt get any value from the ODBII trial. It expired while waiting in the queue for the run at RobRoy without anything from the hill. Also have no desire to match up video, so have not felt it worth the step to the paid version just for lap times at tests.
    Anyway, thanks for your help.
  • Remember all this get developed thanks to the paying customers.
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