Has anyone successfully used a Hondata Flashpro for OBD2 data on IOS version of RaceChrono Pro?

Hello everyone, I searched and found an older thread where somebody was able to use RaceChrono Pro (Android) with a Hondata FlashPro, but before I purchase the app I was wondering if anyone has successfully been able to use the FlashPro with the iPhone version of RaceChrono. It doesn't seem to be listed anywhere in the documentation that I can find, but the FlashPro does support ELM327 and BLE (v4), so I think it *should* be possible. If anyone could confirm that it is possible and already working, then that would be great!



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    You could install the "nRF Connect for Mobile" app. Then search for the Hondata device, and connect to it. Switch to "Client" from to tabs on top, and screenshot the the entire list of services and attributes to me. You can email the screenshots to tracks(at)racechrono.com . I can take a look if it's already possible to connect to it, or if I will need to make changes to it.
  • thank you, I will be sending this information to you soon.
  • I sent the screenshots
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    @jeffx Unfortunately it's inconclusive... I cannot say which is TX and which is RX characteristics. I also looked at the documentation at Hondata site, which confused me even more. They do not explicitly state wether the BLE is ELM327 or something else...

    You can find it out, by poking at it with the nRF app. But you'll need some pretty good IT skills to figure it out (like what is hexadecimal, what is ascii, what are CR and LF etc). If you have such skills I can broadly explain the idea. Other way would be asking the product support.

  • I have tried asking Hondata but it hasn't really gone anywhere.

    Fortunately I do have those types of skills so if you could provide your idea I'm all ears. I also sent another screenshot from the LightBlue app just in case the information helps.

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    Well... the idea would be to enable notifications on one characteristic (there's two possible ones), and write ATZ\r (where \r is a CR character) on the other (again, two possibilities). If you get something like "ELM v...\r\r>" or "Hondata ... \r\r>" from the notifying characteristic, it's probably ELM327. You'd need to encode those as hexadecimal ascii. If you didn't understand me, maybe you know someone with the skills?
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    After testing a number of things, it seems like the FlashPro doesn't supported ELM327 on the BLE interface. I guess it's only available on the BT 2.1 interface, which excludes any hope for connecting to it via RaceChrono Pro on iOS.

    I wish there was a way to tap the high speed datastream from the FlashPro using RaceChrono, because I also need to log data internally on the flashpro while I am recording my laps. Now it seems my only other option is to tap the CANbus (FlashPro occupies the OBD-II port), which means I will have to figure out the bytes for the FK8 Civic Type R CAN Frames
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    @jeffx How about using an Android device? At least to test if the ELM327 works on RFCOMM (BT 2.1)?
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