DIY Remote Monitor channels

I make DIY device Remote Monitor as in the example:
The example uses the following channels:
!addMonitor("Time", "channel(device(gps), elapsed_time)*10.0", 0.1) ||
!addMonitor("Speed", "channel(device(gps), speed)*10.0", 0.1) ||
!addMonitor("Altitude", "channel(device(gps), altitude)", 1.0) ||
!addMonitor("Curr lap", "channel(device(lap), lap_number)", 1.0) ||
!addMonitor("Curr time", "channel(device(lap), lap_time)*10.0", 0.1) ||
!addMonitor("Prev lap", "channel(device(lap), previous_lap_number)", 1.0) ||
!addMonitor("Prev time", "channel(device(lap), previous_lap_time)*10.0", 0.1) ||
!addMonitor("Best lap", "channel(device(lap), best_lap_number)", 1.0) ||
!addMonitor("Best time", "channel(device(lap), best_lap_time)*10.0", 0.1))

I have a question, where can I get a complete list of data channels, including internal sensors, OBD2 channels and CAN-channel?


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