Can Bus Connection / Channels for 991.2 GT3

Dear all,

I am using the app for several years now. But this 2022 season I want to get more out of it.

Does anyone of you know how to find out the data needed to connect the can bus channels via OBD Link MX+ with Racechrono?

I was searching for a long time on the Web, but I didn't find anything useful to make any progress on this topic.

Looking forward to any further information or advice from the community.

Thanks so much for your answers.

Best Regards



  • Latest Porsches don't expose the raw CAN data over the OBD-II port and you need to tap into the CAN bus elsewhere. Look up the installation instructions for AIM, they provide great info on where to plug their hardware into.

    This might mean you can't use off-the-shelf OBD-II readers, unfortunately. I have the same problem with my new 2022 GR86, and I plan to re-purpose my DIY CAN bus reader instead of using an OBDLink MX+:
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    @Driver76 I also got your email, where you talked about need to get RPM and throttle position.

    Any reason you're not configuring the MX+ as OBD-II reader (instead of raw CAN-Bus)? RPM and accelerator pedal position are available there, as standard OBD-II PIDs. I'm assuming this is a road car, not GT3 Cup.

    MX+ should work fine even when tapping to the CAN-Bus elsewhere, but you'll need to figure out the wiring and connectors etc., as the OBD-II port obviously does not exist elsewhere.

  • Dear aol, yes you are right. It is the road car version I am looking for support. Regards
  • @Driver76, ok. Try configuring the MX+ in RaceChrono through "+ Add OBD-II reader" (instead of configuring CAN-Bus device through "+ Add other device").

    The default vehicle profile should give you RPM at least. You can configure the logged OBD-II channels from RaceChrono > Settings > Vehicle profile > Fast/slow channels. Notice not all the listed channels are supported by all vehicles. Also the bandwidth is shared between all channels, so enable only ones you really want.
  • Thank you very much for your advices. If this way will work, I will be more than happy! Thx a lot!

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