CAN bus and ODB2 data simultaniously?


I've been setting up a KTM 890 Duke R (extended thread on my success so far: with RaceChrono Pro and I've run into a few challenges.

1). I need some data that seems to be only available via ODB2, but not CAN bus - is there anyway to tap into both simultaneously via an MX Link+?

2). Does RaceChrono support any kind of search / filter capability so I can scan the CAN bus for signals i want?

3). I'd really love to automatically control my DJI Action Cam 2. I know the policy is GoPro only, but I'd be happy to contribute towards a fund for additional camera support.

4). Is there a best practice to sync RaceChrono data with video data by timestamp? I'm having to eyeball sync and it's tedious

I want to say the RaceChrono is amazing, and you've done a great job folks.


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    What data are you missing from CAN-Bus? I can share my profile for 790 duke if you email me. Looks like most of the stuff I got is solved in that thread. Only thing missing is the calibrated speed, but it can be calculated from the wheel speeds.

    I have lean angle, pitch angle, RPM, clutch, brake, throttle, gear and the wheel speeds, if I remember correctly.

    1) In theory yes, but you'd need two readers, one for CAN and one for OBD-II. It's not limitation of the bus or RaceChrono, but the ELM 327 command set on the reader.

    2) No, but there's specialised tools for reverse engineering CAN-Bus. In this use case RaceChrono is just a logger and analysis tool for the data.

    3) That's also a no. The GoPro remote control feature is reverse engineered, and the protocol changes almost every year. It's more likely I will drop the GoPro support than it is that I will add more cameras (please continue reading to point 4). I would rather use the effort in improving the app other ways.

    4) What I'm doing at GoPro side is to sync the videos according to the embedded GPS data. It seems to work much better than syncing the files according to the remote control. Does DJI embed this data somehow? Or does it save GPS data on separate file? If there's GPS timestamp somewhere, I'm sure automatic sync can be done for DJI files too.
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    I'd really appreciate you sharing your 790 CAN-Bus configuration! Is your email available somewhere or should I DM you via this forum?

    I'm struggling to find the CAN-Bus PID for:
    - Rear brake
    - Wheel speed

    But would love to get as much as I can.

    on 4 - DJI doesn't have GPS data unfortunately making it hard to sync up. It doesn't even have great timestamps in the video. Would love any guidance on how best to make other action cams work. Maybe a horn event + finding audio in the track?
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    I don't have rear brake either (but I'm sure it's in there).

    Wheel speeds are available at PID 299, "bitstouint(raw, 0, 16)" for the front and "bitstouint(raw, 16,16)" for the rear. AFAIK these are pulse frequencies from the ABS sensor, you could calculate the holes in the sensor disc and multiply by the wheel radius, or just compare to GPS speed to have a good guesstimation.

    If you'd like to have my full profile, you can "email" me through the support form on this website :)
  • Lol I just realize you made RaceChrono! Thank you

    I'll email you for your full profile. Saddly 299 doesn't have wheelspeed on 890Rs :( We've been trying to figure out what does but haven't quite nailed it.

    Do please consider a feature making it easier to sync action cam data with RaceChrono (most lack GPS :( ). A high pass audio channel filter might do it (+ the horn). I've even started considering finding the PID for my indicators so I can sync with the lights.
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    I believe you have PID 299, but I meant 299, not 0x299, it's a different number you know. Decimal vs. Hexadecimal :smile: I will email you the profile and you can see what works and what doesn't.

    Please create new thread on syncing by audio/video cue, maybe we can invent something, and maybe get others to chime in their ideas. Combining many topics to same thread is usually the best way to bury the topic soon, so that's why a new dedicated thread for that.
  • @threeinthemorning did you try my profile already?
  • Apologies for the delay! I did - recorded via your config for one leg of a trip, my custom config for the way back. As expected, wheel speed and lean didn't record from your config (everything else worked great). With my config PID 303 worked for lean angle, but we haven't figured out wheelspeed yet.

    Best guess is that the 890 uses a different ABS solution (probably the same as the newer Super Dukes) and that uses different PIDs (so 303 for lean / tilt and unknown for wheelspeed).

    Thanks for all the help - I'll file a seperate request for the audio/video cue idea.
  • Yep, your bike has most likely a different ABS computer, then...
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