Fixed in v0.30: Trap problem if negative coordinate (USA and Australia for example)

Hi there.

First off a huge thanks for producing a program like this. I was hoping when I started searching that something just like this existed, and viola it did so thanks to you.

I want to use your program on my track day in one months time (I live in Australia) and am very excited. I installed it just the other day and did a quick few laps around the block at my house. It logged and plotted perfectly. The only problem is when I add a Trap point it appears in the correct location at insertion time. BUT if I edit it by either changing the name or changing to start/finish line etc it changes the co-ordinates and the Trap point is now way off the graph.

Here is an example.

Trap point on insertion. Correct Co-ordinates:


Trap point on editing. Incorrect Co-ordinates:


So you can see it subtracts 140 off the lattitude. I can correct it manually by changing the lattitude to 140 more than what the real lattitude is (ie I enter -3482.63180 for the example above), but I was wondering if there is a automatic way to correct this?



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    Oops! It's a bug! And quite serious one, thanks for informing us about it.

    This bug prevents people in for example USA and Australia (or anybody with "negative coordinates") from making track profiles.

    I made a quick fix, a version 0.30. It's now available in the downloads section!
  • WOW!! That's what I call support. Within 2 hours a fix is already done!!

    Yes I have installed the new version and can confirm it is fixed. Well done aol!!

    Thanks again.
  • No problem, it was an easy fix. I'm just embarrased to make such mistake :-)
  • No don't be embarrased. That's all part of software development. And anyway I would rather you make hundreds of mistakes, than not create this program at all.
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