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I tried to export my GoPro data to vbo files with videos. I tried with two videos, where I copied the corresponding videos to the same folder as the VBOs and renamed them according to the file. In both cases the preview worked fine. When I actually open them in CT, however, one file would just crash out, and the other one basically just froze and CT gave no response whatsoever.

Am I dealing with the videos correctly? What could be wrong in my case?


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    Unfortunately this is undocumented in VBO format, and obviously it's no use contacting the CircuitTool author for this issue ... This feature was contribution by a user that got it working by basically trial and error, and created a documentation for it, which I used to implement it.

    I don't think I will put work towards fixing it unfortunately. It will end up abandoned and removed if it no longer works. :disappointed:
  • Latest update Circuit Tools 2.9.74 w/ GoPro Hero 8 1080p@60fps still crashes loading with video.

    Does anyone know of anyone other analysis software for point to point driving? Not circuit.
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    Hi Antti,

    did you disabled that feature in VBO? I am trying to export laps to VBO but I do not see in the exported files the "avifileindex" and "avisynctime" columns. I synched the video in RaceChrono manually.

    Also, do you have access to this file:
    VBO File Reverse Engineering for External Video.doc

    from this old thread:

    I can't download it.

    I think this VBO functionality is actually very useful. I tried RaceNavigator and the only real feature that is present in RaceNavigator and missing in RaceChrono is the possibility to compare laps on Tablet/Desktop PC frame by frame and with telemetry. Circuit tools seems to have that, so if I could export videos there it would bring RaceChrono in par with RaceNavigator :smile:

    Just consider that before you abandon this feature.. I think it has not been used because it is mostly hidden for many users... I discover it accidentally.
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    There is such feature in RaceChrono Pro already. You can open second video window for the comparison.

    I don't remember removing the video metadata export on .VBO, but it will be removed soon if it's still there. It has never worker properly.
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    Hi Antti,

    I know that such feature exist, but from the phone it is practically not usable (screen too small). I was with a very good coach on track and we were able to see the video comparison from Race Navigator of his lap with mine on his iPad. The RN Analyzer has a view specific for that, which makes it very easy to compare frame by frame with the two videos above and the selected sensors / input at the bottom. This way you can compare line, turn in point etc, frame by frame. Incredibly useful - but the screen needs to be big enough. Also you can have sensors in separate graph - it makes them much more readable.

    Essentially, if I would be able to do the same on my tablet (I have a Windows one) using RaceChrono (I have he pro version on my phone) that would be perfect. You can see what I mean in this video, from around minute 4:

    I will give another try to the VBO today - I think I made a small mistake during my first try.
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    Frame-by-frame seeking is planned, and also "stacked graphs". We are improving the analysis view continuously, thank you for the feedback and suggestions, I will make sure these will happen sooner than later :)

    What we are not planning to do is a Windows version. Also I do not think putting time to trying to reverse engineer the Circuit Tools to fix the .VBO video export would be productive use of time. You can use RaceChrono on iPad or an Android tablet if you need bigger screen.

    We're a small company and we need to carefully consider where to put our limited time and effort.
  • Regarding windows I totally understand, but perhaps it is not necessary at all:

    I have followed this approach and I can run Android apps on my windows tablet. However RaceChrono is not there. I think from your side probably there are a few steps to do to add it in that MarketPlace, but my understanding is that it should not require development of code.

    If you want to try this direction I can help you with testing :)

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