When GPS signal drops G-Force also drops

I noticed in a bunch of my data that when the GPS signal drops on my Pixel3 the G-Force data also appears to be lost. Is there a reason for that behavior? Seems like the G-Force data should be able to continue to be captured from the accelerometer.

Is the process for this serial? If one thing in the chain of local sensors fails does the whole thing retry until there's valid data?


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    The G-force channels you see under the GPS, are calculated from the GPS. You can also enable the internal sensors for real data but currently it's not rotated to lateral/longitudinal plane, so it's rarely useful. We are currently working on real and rotated G-force data for a future version.
  • Oh really. I guess that makes some sense, and I guess also makes it an average approximation at any given time?
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    Yep, it's averaged to smooth out the noise. It works pretty well with a good GPS.
  • What's the benefit of the rotated IMU G-Force data compared to your GPS calculated G-Force? Is the calculated not nearly as accurate?
  • On a car, not much difference if you have a very good GPS. Maybe the finer details will not be visible in the calculated accelerations. But if you have a 1-5 Hz GPS the difference is huge. Also on a motorcycle, you can calculate a real lean angle from the IMU data, which is usually not the same as theoretical lean angle calculated from the GPS.
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