BLE DIY Monitor channel for video status and sending commands to RC

Is there a BLE DIY monitor channel for determining the status of video recording? I would like to have a reminder light when/if I fail to start video at the beginning of a session.
Also, is it possible (or on the horizon) to send commands to RC from a DIY monitor device for things like start/resume session, start/stop video recording, choose track, etc? It would be nice to use the monitor for at least those basic functions to allow more options for phone placement.
Thanks so much for your continued work on this great app! The analysis features and support for DIY devices really speaks to my nerdy side.



  • @jawillis72 Right now the startup logic of the session does not allow start/stop functionality over DIY device, as the external devices are only connected after pressing the start button. It's a great idea, but I need to figure out how to implement it without overhauling the app completely.
  • Ah, understood. How about an intermediate solution like support for onKeyUp() events from a BLE keyboard or a simple bluetooth shutter control? Those devices should be handled at the OS level. It seems a single esp32 or nrf52xx board should be able to support both services concurrently.
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