Racebox Mini (Motorcycle)

Hi all,
I recently bought the Racebox Mini after seeing the news posting about full compatibility with RaceChrono Pro.
I submitted a ticket asking about the IMU and RaceChrono Pro mentioned they don't use the IMU yet, but it's something they are working on.

I also saw the post from @aol about the IMU not looking good.

My question is:
The only reason for buying the Racebox Mini is for the lean angle measurements.
Should I return the RaceBox if the IMU is bad?


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    @Username1 We (=RaceChrono) started working on lean angle calculation long before we knew about RaceBox Mini. We started the development using only the built-in IMU on the phone. We've had some challenges adapting our code to use the IMU on the RaceBox Mini. It doesn't necessarily mean the IMU is not good enough, I was just trying not to overpromise what we can deliver, as we were facing some challenges in our own implementation. Our implementation still isn't quite ready.

    I don't know much about the RaceBox's own app, but it's obviously their responsibility to meet and deliver what they advertise, but that's off topic for this forum.
  • Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated.
    I'll try to get it to work, and if I still can't get it working after another track day I'll send it back.

    If I do magically get the native app to record anything at all, can this data be imported into RaceChrono Pro?

    It would be good to override the Phone's GPS data with the RaceBox's post-session if possible.

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    @Username1 The only use case we support right now is recording directly with RaceChrono.
  • @Username1 looks like you can export in .VBO from the RaceBox Mini app, and import in RaceChrono.
  • Thank you for looking into this.

    Really helpful. I'll try it out at the next trackday both ways around (record in your app, and then in theirs for import to yours), and see what works.

  • Just an update in case anyone is in the same situation:
    The RaceBox Mini app still isn't working, it doesn't seem like the developers are doing anything to rectify the situation.

    My only hope is that RaceChrono are able to pull the IMU data at some point, and I can use that.

    @aol_of_RaceChrono if I do get their app to at least log a session and export it, which option in your app do I select for import? There is no .VBO option on my app. Would I just select "RaceChrono"?
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    @Username1 "VBOX / VBOX sport" option should work. Can you send me a sample file to tracks(at)racechrono.com so I can make sure the acceleration and lean angle columns are properly imported?

    We already have working "release candidate" of our IMU stuff, just needs little bit more works on the other parts of the app.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono you are a true gent. Thanks.

    I have a trackday at Silverstone later this month. I'll try to grab some data.

    Is there anything else I can grab for you on the day to help with testing? Including your IMU work?

    I'd be I tempted to see how your IMU data grab will work for a phone that is, for example, not in a perfectly level position. Motorcyclists will need to cram their phones in the tail; would it then need to calibrated to 0 before heading out?

    It might even need a delayed button press, as access to the screen will be limited once the phone is in place in the tail and the bike is picked up off the kickstand.

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    Please record your track day session using the current production version of RaceChrono Pro, connected to a RaceBox Mini. Then send the session to me tracks(at)racechrono.com , including any video files you might have. I can then demonstrate to you how well (or badly?) it works, but too early to give it out yet.

    Also turn on the "Internal sensors" in RaceChrono settings, so both IMU's will be recorded. I can then compare the data between the IMUs. It doesn't matter if the phone is inside your racing suit, as it's one of the possible use cases anyways... But crammed in the tail is better :)

    You can have the RaceBox at any position, just make sure it does not move during the session, and please record a section of data where the bike is at standstill and not running, so we can calibrate the gyro data.

    Any data you record and send to me, will also go toward testing the new IMU feature, so it will be very helpful.
  • Guys, what is the status of this topic? I'm using RaceChrono with Racebox mini, and it's lovely. @aol_of_RaceChrono do you still need some data/video etc?
    At this point lean angle, acceleration and others - are they read from Racebox or from the phone? For me it looked really smooth/high resolution, and pretty precise. So my assumption was that it's from the Racebox already.
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    @Dezo We're still working on the new functionality. If you have sessions you could share to help us test it, please send me the sessions in .rcz format (+ links to video files if you have them) to tracks(at)racechrono.com . All test data is greatly appreciated!
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    @Dezo The lean angle is the current RaceChrono Pro is calculated from the GPS data. It's theoretical based on the corner radius and speed. But we're working on using the IMU for real lean angle. But we still have a question if we can use the RaceBox Mini IMU for it. Remember that I rather over deliver than over promise. :smile:
  • Well that lean from the GPS is pretty unexpected :-) Interesting. I'll try to help with more data soon.
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    if you import a gopro video with gps is the lean angle still gps or is it gopro IMU?

    I have been very happy with just gopro to record track sessions. no worries about phone holding and 18hz gps is nice.
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    @ed1380 We've seen GoPro gyroscope being very error prone, rendering the data near useless... but we'll retest and revisit this before release, to see if we want to support lean angle calculation for GoPro data or not.
  • Oh I think I see what you mean. Would sharing this file help? From a hero8

  • @ed1380 yes, it will help, please share the file (as link to the file in the cloud) to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono what is Racechrono expecting from the device? Is it filtered output, or just raw values which are then filtered (e.g. by Kalman filter) by you?
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    @Dezo RaceChrono expects a "raw output" and then does the processing for it. Obviously the raw output is not really raw output, but high update rate data first averaged and then made to lower update rate (25 Hz in case of RaceBox).
  • Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. However, did @aol_of_RaceChrono update the app with real lean angle from RaceBox mini?

    I appreciate you are busy.

    Trackday season starting soon! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @Username1 I hope to provide a beta versions of the new version in mid-April
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono could you already deliver the new Version with the fix for the lean angle iwith the racebox mini?
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    @Mario I will deliver it when it is ready. It's quite close to beta. Final testing ongoing.

  • hi, I use the racebox รจ mini s, directly connected to the app, as I think the racechrono display is superior. By doing this, how is the lean angle calculated, on the phone sensor or from the Racebox Mini S? did you manage to implement it?
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