Jerky lines at the same spot with xgps160


Can someone tell if you have similar issues with ios + xgps160? I use this setup maybe for 5-6 years, but last few years I get jerky lines and inadequate gps readings at the same spot on the track (Rustavi, Georgia). Last firmware update for xgps did not help... It's worth mentioning that my buddy just got his new xgps160 and it works smooth like mine did when it was new.

Here are some screenshots with glitches. I use it on car and bike, and always mount solid with double sided tape.

Last screenshot applies to linked video, you can see how readings jump inadequately at the same spot staring at left U turn.

Thank you!


  • @ThePetrolHeart does it happen to other people with different GPS and vehicle, or only you? It looks like radio interference, but then it should affect other people too.
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    @aol I appreciate your fast response! My friend (who got his xgps160 recently) did a track day few days ago, and his lines(logs) are perfectly smooth. Also Dragy Lap is perfectly smooth (my other friend). I don't think that my XGPS is faulty because it messes up only at that U turn I mentioned. I get this issue for about 90% of my track days at the same part of the track no matter on bike or car. I can upload my logs if it helps to understand this issue...
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    @ThePetrolHeart I don't think its faulty either as the lines look perfect elsewhere. I still think it's some kind of external interference in this corner. If something would be broken you'd see this elsewhere as well.

    This will not affect your lap times, but obviously you cannot analyse that corner properly.
  • @aol thanks. Still other xgps160's are working just fine in that corner... very strange.

    BTW is there any way to increase Hz rate on internal gps receivers on high end Android devices like S22 Ultra or Mi 11 Ultra? That would be very helpful.

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    @ThePetrolHeart You could change the location of the receiver in the car, and see if it helps. It maybe that some satellites are blocked in this corner (and one corner before that)...

    As far as I know, the built-in GPS cannot be configured for higher update rate.
  • Where is the XGPS mounted in the car? I had pretty good data when I mounted it right under the windshield, but if I just hold it in my left hand when riding as a passenger with others, the data is all over the place. Make sure the spot where you mount the XGPS has as much "visibility" of the sky as possible. Don't put it under the rear window — the wires used for the defroster are pretty effective as a Faraday cage...

    On one of the screenshots, the data in that other 270º corner also looks bad.
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