Merging Sessions

I'm looking to merge two of my sessions. My first session had no resumes; my second session had two resumes.

What is the best method to merge these sessions? I suppose that copying the second session to the first session would be most correct. Is there an instruction guide to doing this?

To me, it looks like I would create a "resume_1" folder in the first session folder, and copy the files in the root of the second session into this folder...BUT, I noticed that the resume folders do not have a session.json file. Do I just delete this file? Then I presume I copy over the two resume folders from the second session and rename them "resume_2" and "resume_3."

Thanks in advance.


  • Session.json is needed only at root folder. All of the "resume" folders should be at root level, like you say.
  • Got it to work. Thanks for the quick response.
  • I am new racechorono pro. I had an autocross yesterday and recorded two separate session can you please explain how to it in android. I don't understand how you create resume _1 AND RESUME_2. I am trying to merge both session to compare . Same track

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    @jhalabi, you can compare easier just by using the "+ Add reference lap" button.

    This topic talks about modifying the .rcz files that are shared and imported.
  • thank you!
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