Dual XGPS-160 Overheating?

Hey, has anyone else had issues with the XGPS-160 not recording data when it gets hot? I'm trying to figure out why my XGPS isn't recording data sometimes in the afternoon when it was working fine earlier. It seems to happen when I am using it on days when it gets to ~95 F (35 C) or above. Anyone see this issue and know of a fix? TIA


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    I haven't heard it would have such limitations. To me this sounds like a slightly broken circuit board, unfortunately. Some solder joint is broken and it disconnects due to heat expansion.
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    I think I've experienced it a couple of times back when I had an XGPS. Out of empathy to the XGPS, I used to cover it with a folded paper page in between sessions, and that improved the reliability some.

    Besides "solder joint disconnects", another possibility is a battery protection circuit thinking the battery is too hot and cutting off all the power. Note that in direct sunlight and with no airflow the device can heat up a lot more than ambient temperature.
  • @timurrrr Good to know, never seen that happen my self, but sounds more probable than my theory.
  • Thanks to you both, I'm going to try to 3D print a white cover to put around it and see if that fixes it. Maybe cut some vent holes, but I worry about dust. Thanks
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