custom can channels

is there a way to add custom can channels. now that i am using a diy can-bus device, i have access to data specific to my car/model that isn't in the dropdown list. right now i plan on just putting the data in an unused field and remapping in race renderer. for example, in BMW ZF8 shift settings, S1, S2, S3. its not something i am logging continuously, but if i see a change, i output it.


  • some other more useful data bits i am finding are brake pressure for front and rear separated. racechronos interface only has brake pressure
  • You mean custom channel names? No. But there's generic channel names that you can use, like Pressure/Distance/Acceleration/Temperature/Analog/Digital etc. Just postfix them with a number (behind the "show more").

    RaceChrono's channel specifier actually has the position separately. So select "Brake pressure" as the Channel, and then "Rear" or "Front" for the channel postfix (behind the "show more").

    I can also add new channel names if you have some that are useful for others.
  • oh i didn't see those postfix options, so cool. i think that will do for now, since i am still pretty on the reverse engineering stage of things. thanks!
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