Racebox Mini disconnects often (solved)

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Hi, this is more a warning post than anything else.
On my first track day, with Racebox Mini everything was fine. I loved it.
On my second track day, Racebox Mini has started disconnect pretty often, RaceChrono lost data (straight lines on the map) etc... I was pretty desperate, checked with Racebox Mini support but it didn't help

Just by accident I've noticed WiFi icon during one disconnection. It showed up, that on the second track day (Brno circuit) my Pixel 6 tried to connect to different WiFi networks, and when it lost the signal, it resets BT connection to Racebox Mini. This happened multiple times during the lap. After I've turned of the WiFi everything worked fine again.

So be aware of this, my friend mentioned that he has kind of similar issue on his iPhone (different devices), so this is probably more related to hardware than a software (android)


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    @Dezo OK, thank you for the report, and the solution to the problem! Sounds like it's a problem with Pixel 6, maybe firmware or hardware antenna issue... I need to try this on other phones as well.
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