PID data (0x22) data response?

First, car is 2020 Ford Mustang GT. Adapter is MX+.

So I'm trying to get brake pressure and steering wheel angle. I've seen a few posts asking the exact same thing and getting results. Replicating their inputs hasn't worked for me. I either get "NO DATA" or "7F 22 13" as a response. This is in the "Use live data ( )" field, not Solution by the way.

For example, If I try "0x 22 2b 0d", I get "NO DATA". This is all in the OBD channel editor. I tried using OBD-II Header: 760 and I get "NO DATA" as well. I noticed when I use "0x 22 10" I get the response "7F 22 13". This is with nothing in the Header. Quick googling makes me think this is a negative response code?

I also tried making a custom CAN-Bus channel but I'm not able to get any output trying a few examples others have successfully used. For example, on another forum CAN ID 118 and 125 worked on racecapture's software. Regardless of the formulas (which I altered for RaceChrono), I couldn't get any data.

Any suggestions?
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