Side by side video comparison

I’m using Race Chrono with external gps, GoPro, custom TPS and brake pressure data inputs via Bluetooth. It helped me to improve my technique a lot. What I’m missing though is - bigger screen and side by side video comparison.

Something like RaceNavigator has

My practice sessions are 30 minutes, with 30 minutes break in between. I would like to get out of the car and right away start analysing data.

To the point:

  • can you do a side by side video comparison? I couldn’t find this option. I can have chart with data from two laps but only one video
  • can you easily transfer data from a phone to a tablet with android and race chrono app? To analyse everything on a bigger screen. In theory I can use a tablet in the car to record the lap if that’s the only option

Thanks for help!


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    You can open the second video window in analysis. The comparison video is opened from the small play icon with "2" in it. And yes, I know this is a bit clunky UI, but the comparison video should work great.

    There's no cloud sync yet, but you can share your sessions and open in the other device. The video needs to be transferred separately, if you use action camera, you should obviously transfer the video files directly to the tablet.
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    Thanks @aol_of_RaceChrono! I didn't know about that feature.

    So my current idea is - buy a tablet, transfer session from the phone to tablet. Download videos from GoPro to tablet.

    Some followup questions:
    1) can I transfer sessions between Android phone and iPad?
    2) can I download video to the device that didn't record the session, that only got the session shared with (phone recorded, phone shared the session with iPad/android tablet, I would download the video to tablet)?
    3) did you do any tests what influences the speed of downloading video? I will decrease the quality to make the download from gopro faster, but maybe I should also look for a tablet that supports specific wifi standard? or maybe iPads are faster than android tablets in general?

    Thank you in advance! This is going to make Race Chrono my ultimate data analysis tool :)
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    1) Yes you can. There's not Cloud sync feature, but you can share the session (share button) and just open or import on the second device

    2) and 3) It's bit more complicated, as the "Connect camera" and "Download" options for the sync point won't work on the second device. But you can still connect the camera from the camera folder's context menu, and then find the file and download. But I would get a memory card reader and that will solve the download speed issue too for your third point. USB-C card reader for Android and some iPads, and Lightning memory card reader for other iPads and iPhones. Use the "Import" feature to import the files from the card.
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