RejsaRubberTrac cam dispay options

Hi,i am using RejsaRubberTrac cam but i can't display the temp with this blue-green option,only a simple temp number.I have tried all available optios in gauge menu with no success.This is what i want to achieve


  • Any help?

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    Sorry, forgot to answer. Do you that same layout, with four numbers (but without the colors), or just one number inside a simple box?
  • I use only 2 sensors and their layouts are simple boxes with numbers.

    If i check the analog box the number disappears.

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    I also noticed that in the datalog diagram I have both sensors display but in the video overlay both wheel sensors (in device option) choice is the same sensor, it cannot display the second.
  • The problem seems to be that there's no position designation on the sensors. The bluetooth name needs to have FL/FR/RL/RR/F/R coding. Look up the RejsaRubber documentation and reconfigure them in RC.
  • Ok!!!what a help!! Thanks

  • Hi, the problem is solved,thanks for your help!! Also i would like to thank Marcus (the delevoper of that cam).

  • I his name is @MagnusThome :) I'd like to thank him for his contribution to the community as well!
  • Yes ,@MagnusThome has helped me a lot!!

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