Can't Export GoPro 11 video overlay

Hi everyone. I've recorded several karting sessions on my gopro 11 in 5.3k 60fps and 5.3k 30fps with GPS. I then use the GoPro Quik app to save these videos into my iPad Pro Photos App. It plays there just fine.

I can also the RaceChrono Pro to import these videos and I can see the lap times, sector times etc. perfectly. The playback on the RaceChrono app is fine as well.

Only problem is when I export it as a video overly and save it into iOS photos or files, it shows up as a very small file and does not have any video at all. It does capture the audio. Very strange!

Is it because of the 5.3k footage? But then it plays perfectly in the app itself! Any help will be appreciated.


  • Just in case more information is required

    These are videos 5.3k (5312 x 2988) @ 30fps. Links here. Both videos are for a single session and RaceChrono Pro is able to stitch it up no problem at all.

    RaceChrono Pro version 7.6.6

    iPadOS Version 16.2 (It's a 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9 inch)

    Let me know if more information is required

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    Current iPhones and iPads do not support encoding (=exporting) 5K video. Encoding (exporting and recording) and decoding (playback) are separate operations on the hardware, and the latter one is much less demanding.

    You'll need to use 4K setting on the GoPro in the future to allow exporting.
  • Thank you.

    it’s strange though because last week I managed to import a 5.3k 60fps and export a video overlay just fine. I decided to drop it to 30 fps this week to cut down on processing time.

    unfortunately I do not have last weeks source video anymore.

    I did experience some trouble last week exporting as well, same issue black video audio only. But when I updated my iPad OS I managed to export one video. Again, I have unfortunately deleted that …

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    I have tested multiple 5K files and it has never worked on my iPhones, always resulting with black video frame with working audio. No idea if it works sometimes or not, but I haven't managed to do it. I also tried to change the output resolution for these files, and it still wouldn't work.

    With 4K I haven't had this problem at all.
  • Thank you I understand.

    a separate question - is there a way to export a video overlay that includes the speed chart playback as well?

  • And another follow up question, is there an android tablet that can export/render in 5.3k then?
  • @rivaitan No idea, but usually it's easier to find phones that support high resolution first. This is because high-end encoding hardware is needed on phones first, as they usually have much better cameras than tablets.
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