Can bus data extraction with OBDLink Lx


Just joined forum, so hi all :)

Im having difficulties getting anything regarding braking or lean angle data on my yamaha tracer 9gt 2021.

So is there a way to just get readouts with my android phone and OBDLink Lx device. Im refering to raw data from ecu, so hopefully I can decode those into something meaningfull. Im software guy, those hardware arduino devices are not really my thing :)

Found that OBDwiz software for pc can send commands to ecu, but not sure if it can get readings in can bus manner (receiving stream of data, without request)

I will make another thread, dont mind me :), for yamaha PIDs, maybe someone can save me time.


  • OBDLink LX can be used to monitor raw CAN-Bus on your bike. I'm sure it has CAN-Bus as my 2019 Yamaha has one as well. But you'll need to reverse engineer (or find already reversed) the CAN-Bus packets on your bus. I'm not expert on reverse engineering them, so you might get better help elsewhere. For a software guy it should be possible. Once you know whats in the bus, I can help you with it.
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