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PIDs for yamaha


Has anyone succeded in reading brake or lean angle obd data on newer yamaha motorcycles with imu?

It would be nice to have those 2 beside throttle position and rpm on screen.

I own tracer 9gt and rc is not showing anything regarding brakes or lean angles out of the box.


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    That data might not be available through OBD-II, but through raw CAN-Bus only. Unfortunately my Yamaha T7 does not have IMU so I cannot help with that. My KTM 790 Duke has them on CAN-Bus, but cannot find anything related for the OBD-II.

    RaceChrono has only standard OBD-II "out-of-the-box" and it does not contain channels related to braking or lean angles or accelerations. They need to be added as custom OBD-II channels (proprietary to the manufacturer) or raw CAN-Bus channels (also proprietary).
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    Here's what I found in the CAN-Bus of my 2019 Yamaha Tenere 700. I didn't create a Vehicle Profile in RaceChrono as I could not find speed after several tries. Not sure if it's a pulse count or something that cannot be easily done in RC.

    Packet ID: 20A (ECU?)
    20A 73 8E 0D 3F 00 01 17 02
    Byte 02-03:
    Byte 05(04?):
    00=still, 01=rear wheel moving

    Packet ID: 216 (throttle body?)
    byte 00:
    22 == throttle 0%
    CF == throttle 100%
    Byte 05:
    Changes, maybe interesting?

    Packet ID: 22E
    nothing when engine not running

    Packet ID: 236 (Gearbox?)
    Byte 00:
    236 00 # neutral
    236 20 # gear 1
    236 40 # gear 2
    236 60 # gear 3
    236 80 # gear 4
    236 A0 # gear 5
    236 C0 # gear 6
    236 E0 # between gears

    Packet ID: 23A
    nothing when engine not running

    Packet ID: 268, ABS?
    Byte 03(02?):
    00=still, 01=front wheel moving
    Byte 04:
    00 = no brake
    04 = front or rear brake
    Byte 05:
    00 == engine not running, abs light on
    1C == engine not running, abs light on, off-road abs on

    Packet ID: 2A0
    nothing when engine not running

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