aracer ecu wifi protocol support

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i have an aracer ecu
He has built in wifi for tuning
I use wireshark to compare with canhacker
It is found that the connection method is to use TCP socket port 6666 as the channel after WIFI connection
After removing the first 6 bytes of its tcp packet, it is a canbus frame
The last byte at the end seems to be a checksum
Only one CAN frame in a packet is 19 bytes
But there are also multiple CAN frames into one packet
For example
38 bytes contain 2 CAN frames
57 bytes contain 3 CAN frames
114 bytes contain 6 CAN frames

Can the agreement be included in the support?

Attach test data and installer
.trc opened with canhacker
.pcap is opened with wireshark!AqzAeZyp5u3QltwH68KPk85frBV1kQ?e=mBAsiq


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    I recommend using a OBDLink LX/MX/MX+ adapter connected to the can bus lines. This way the raw CAN-Bus packets can be read and interpreted by RaceChrono.

    Supporting the ECU's proprietary TCP protocol may not be worth the effort on our side, as it would not be many users that would use it.
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