Future export types? (info on import types too)

Just a general question without mentioning any specific products, are there any plans to add other export types? Particularly for lap times and data analysis?



  • Yes, I'm planning to add some, but I can't promise them before my prototypes work :) DL-1 binary format is on top of my list, but we'll see. Any particular ones that you'd like?
  • TQM from traqmate. That seems to be the fastest growing DA system at the moment...besides RaceChrono

  • any update
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    I just came from my holidays, so haven't had the time to do much new code. Some updates though: DL-1 import will be definitely supported in future, not sure if export will work. Traqmate file I'm not sure as the file format is binary encoded and rather hard to decrypt. Do you have any info on the file format they're using?
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    First of all, welcome back and I hope you had a good holiday. I will try to get some more information on the traqmate files.
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