VBO video export crashes Circuit Tools with index exception

I've just started using RaceChrono Pro with my Hero 9 data today, so bear with me if I get any of this wrong, but I was exporting my data as a VBO file with the video indexes included and when I went to import it into Circuit Tools it crashed the program.

On further investigation into the Circuit Tools logs it showed there was an out of bounds exception, so I looked at the exported file and noticed sections of data that had the avifileindex column as 0000 and aviseektime at -00000001. It looks in my case there were 11 of these rows between videos 0004 and 0005. To test that this was the issue I manually stripped these and was able to load up the data/video in Circuit Tools and use it accordingly.

So I'm not sure who exactly is responsible for fixing this but I wanted to report it since it's a tricky thing to figure out why the app just crashes when loading the VBO file. I'm surprised there are sections in my data that don't seem to have video since the data is only from the GoPro video data, so maybe there's a bug there, but probably Circuit Tools also shouldn't just straight crash either *shrugs*.

Let me know if any more information would be helpful and I'm happy to report back


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    @jakecraige Unfortunately the video columns were reverse engineered to work at one point, and no longer work too well. I'm considering to remove this functionality as users seem to have more trouble using it, than there's benefit. RaceLogic will not support this use case, so there's no point for asking them to fix it. You can export a working VBO with the video channel disabled in the export configuration, but obviously you'll lose the video functionality.
  • Mac OS Circuit Tools works better with video.
  • Thanks for the response. It's unfortunate it can't be supported but totally understandable given it's a reverse engineered solution and there isn't first class support for the same feature set in their product.

    The main reason I was looking to get the data on my PC was to offload some off the video from my device to save on storage space. I've since figured out a way to locally compress them on my iPad to go from 15-20GB to 2GB per session, but as a fun feature request that would be an awesome feature to have included in the app one day since I don't need full resolution video for track analysis in the app :)

    Thanks again for the great app and support for direct GoPro import!
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