Tyre(tire) Temperature Gauge from OEM TPMS CAN data

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I have logged the temperature value of OEM TPMS that is sent from OBD-II, not a separate multi-channel tire temperature sensor (e.g. IR, etc.).

The setting was specified as the 'single' temperature value for each of the wheels FR, FL, RR, and RL for OBD-II Reader channel as shown in the picture above.

In conclusion, I can only see the gray background in the 'Tire Temperature Gauge' in the layout.

Is there a way to use the 'color background' as in the case of multichannel sensors?

Doesn't it show a 'single temperature color' in a single channel per tire, rather than multiple temperature colors of horizontality per tire, as in the case of multiple channels?


  • Great question, I wish there was a way to set up color coding, e.g. W it's red.
  • @ShoRang OK, added to my TO-DO list to support this use case
  • Something happened to my earlier comment and it got truncated.
    What I was saying is that there should also be a way to set temperature thresholds for "solid blue", "blue-to-green" transition, "green-to-yellow" transition, "yellow-to-red" transition, and "solid red".
  • @timurrrr you can already choose the minimum and maximum value, it will set the highest red and lowest blue.
  • Oh that's a good start!
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