feature request: compare more than two laps at a time

Now that RC 8 is out (Awesome!), I would love to see:
- the ability to review and compare speed vs. distance plot of multiple laps at once, like up to 5 or 6 laps at least
- better colors in the data charts... more than lt/drk blue, use every color of the rainbow!
- color of the map and GG meter matching the colors in the speed plot

Basically, like a "full" mac/windows data app

Also don't want to see the app get any more complicated lol. 😂


  • @aol_of_RaceChrono I agree with this suggestions as well.

    Considering the work involved, I would suggest the following sequence:

    1- Allow users to customize lap colors on the charts (speed, GG diagram);
    2 - Compare more than 1 lap on the carts/map view.

    I've being using Race Chrono as tool to support some coaching sessions with friends, and the tool is amazing, the visibility of the charts colors could be better. And being able to study more than 2 laps simultaneously would be AWESOME as well.
  • +1 would be awesome to have this
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