Take GPS and video from GoPro, but heart rate from .fit file

Thanks for this great application! I am using it to time laps on my jetski.

As I cannot take my phone with me on the jet, I am using a Hero 11 to record both video and GPS data which works very well. To better control my heart rate, I am also wearing an old Garmin Fenix 3 with ANT+ heart sensor. Using Garmin connect, I can export a “.fit” file. As far as I understand, this file does not only include the heart rate, but also GPS data (low quality, 1Hz).

How can I create a session, where video and GPS come from the GoPro, but only the heart rate channel is taken from the .fit file? I would like to tell RCP to simply add the data from the .fit file to my existing session while ignoring the GPS data from the .fit file…?


  • Unfortunately RaceChrono currently can import only "whole" sessions at once, so individual channels cannot be brought in afterwards. It's something to think about though.
  • Sounds good! Is there any way to support you with this?
  • edited July 2023
    @EvoErik yes, inventing a human cloning machine would be useful :blush:
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