Urgent fix in v8.0.8, please update! Time delta and Speed delta displays have a lot of noise

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    I tested it on track with version 8.0.2 for Android. There is a strange behavior of the time delta on the phone (live) when I use it in the car. It seems it fluctuates too much and the value is also around 0.2 - 0.3 s lower than the actual one in the exported video. Just look at the output of racechrono postprocessing on youtube vs what is displayed on the phone in this video to understand the problem.

    Non sure it has already been fixed in the new release. Sorry in that case.

    Similar issue seems to be present with the speed delta.

    All the best

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    @mlx Ok, this is a serious issue. The delta is calculated slightly wrong due to changes in v8.0. I will make a new build to address this ASAP. Thank you very much for reporting the issue!
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    This is now fixed in v8.0.8. Affected versions are v8.0.0 - v8.0.7.

    The fixed Android and iPhone/iPad versions are now published.
  • Great - thank you for taking care of it! I will test it again on 25h of August when I will be back driving on the Nordschleife.

    All the best!

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