Distorted overlay output in exported video

Hey, I'm running RaceChrono Pro 8.0.8 on my iPad Pro (3rd Gen, iPad OS 16.5.1 (c)) and seeing an issue with the overlay in video output being distorted to be entirely unrecognizable. The overlay looks fine when I use it normally in the app itself, but if I try to export an mp4 it gets distorted (it's like it's stretched by pulling at the top right and the bottom left in both directions to where it just looks like stretched pixels)

I was attempting to export a single lap from video channel 1, no pip, no fade, and simplified the overlay to just the watermark and it still happens. The only way I'm able to get a "clean" video output is to make an entirely blank overlay with everything turned off.

I can send a screenshot or video of what I'm seeing if the description isn't enough or you aren't seeing this being reproducible, just let me know where to send it


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