FR: remote control using BT button

I propose to add support for bluetooth buttons to control the RC app. In the application, add the ability to assign a button code to a specific action to support different BT buttons.

I use RC for rally. Most often in training, to control time during the test stage. Rally training takes place in two ways:
1. The stage is only used in one direction. From the finish to the start, driving on public roads in accordance with all traffic rules.
With this method, after the finish, I need to stop recording the session so as not to record the movement from the finish to the start, which can take longer than the stage itself. Before starting, you need to open the session and click "resume" in order to see the difference in time during stage.

2. The stage is used in both directions. After the finish, just turn around and start in the opposite direction. In this case, I create two tracks "Forward" and "Reverse" and two sessions. After the finish, I need to stop one session and continue another.

In order to stop recording, select a session and continue it, you need to loosen the belts and remove the glove. When the section is short, this procedure takes longer than the section itself. Especially if you use movement in both directions.

Suggested solution:
Bluetooth button that can be conveniently placed and pressed without removing gloves. They are cheap and there are a lot of them. For example:
Since there are a large number of such buttons, you can add the ability to assign a code for a specific button to the desired action in the RC settings.


  • Alternatively, instead of a separate bluetooth button, one can use the car's multimedia system buttons on the steering wheel (if it's not a sports steering wheel).
  • As an alternative, you could use a tactile pen instead of removing your glove (but sure BT button could be nice)
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