Import of general position data

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I am wondering if I can import data that includes only lat/long and speed values with known acquisition rate.
Is there a way to format it in a .csv file for example and add some session data in a header?

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  • Hi, there's no standard in .csv files really, so it's pretty hard to implement a .csv import. I'd suggest looking at the .vbo format which is more standardized, and both import and export supported in RaceCHrono.
  • That was the hint I needed, thank you!

    For some foreign lap data I have only lat/long and velocity values and I was able to import them via .vbo format.
    When I want to see the g-forces, do I have to calculate them by my own and add to the data? Can racechrono calculate them if more data is provided like heading (which I also need to calculate first from the given position data)?
  • Let me answer this one next week, so I can give you a good answer once I'm properly rested.
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    @GiuseppeBinomi RaceChrono will calculate the accelerations from the GPS data, and will ignore the g-fields in the .VBO file. You need to provide heading, speed (in kph or mph), latitude and longitude for the import to work at all. Those columns are also enough for calculation the accelerations.

    The heading calculated from the position will have some noise, unless your GPS is very accurate, and that noise will amplify on the calculated Lateral acceleration channel. The longitudinal acceleration will be fine.
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