Hondata Kpro 4 analogue input datalogging over built in Bluetooth.

I have used race chrono pro to log basic data from my Kpro 4 ECU over the built in bluetooth. By registering the ECU as a generic bluetooth OBD 2 reader.

I have some fuel and oil pressure sensors connected to the Kpros analogue inputs. I know from documentation that it is possible to access these via bluetooth, with the use of custom headers (#define CID_AN0 (CID_Analog + 0x10), listed in documentation ) but I am unsure how to go about getting race chrono to find them.

Any help or prior experience would be apricated.



  • RaceChrono also has custom OBD-II channels that you can configure, but I don't know how the Hondata configuration translates to RaceChrono's configuration.
  • Much appreciated, I will have a look into it and see what I can come up with.

    I am not sure if the kpro detects weather is is in ibd or custom mode. I will have a play and see what happens.



  • Hi. I really am stumped by this, I have looked at it off and on over the last few months but have been unable to make head or tail of it. I still think it is possible but don't know how to implement it. (I never was much of a programmer besides slinging some C together for microcontrollers)

    The Hondata documentation is available here
    and it provides enough info to basically write a whole interface from scratch.

    I would be willing to fund someone's time getting this working as I think it would be very useful for anybody running a Hondata ECU. being able to data log custom inputs in racechrono useing only Hondata hardware would be great.
    The main things I would want to log are the analogue inputs. Even if the ecu only provides a raw voltage it would be simple enough to convert this inside race chrono to real values.
    The digital inputs would also be good to get and should be no extra work as it follows the same process but it is not the main priority as currently all I have connected to the digital inputs is the wideband which I can get from the standard OBD protocol anyways.

    I also volunteer my hardware for science and happy to test any development build of the app and connections with my ECU.

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