OBD2 Bluetoth s1000rr 23 k67

Hello, I own a bmw s1000rr 2023 k67, which has a standard obd2, I wanted to know if with the pro version it was possible to integrate the bike data (rpm, speed, gas, brake) using a bluetoth obd2 module (some specific model?).?
I use the racebox mini as an external gps antenna, is it possible to use the two applications at the same time?
As a camera, are there any recommended models?


  • This bike is fully OBD2 compatible and you can more or less use any OBD II adapter to transmit engine data to RC Pro via Bluetooth.
    To get more data, you need to grab the data directly from CAN-Bus (like break pressure). This might be problematic with cheap chinese clone ELM327 devices.
    For BMW I often read from OBD Link as good working solutions.

    You want to use the Racebox Mini and RaceChrono at the same time? Should be possible on Android. I read about the importing feature from RC, so matching everything should work. But I have not tested this myself.

    RC supports remotecontrolling a GoPro. So I´d go for it.
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    If you want raw CAN-Bus data to RaceChrono, you'll need a OBDLink Bluetooth OBD-II adapter. The MX+ model probably works with anything that has CAN bus. For MX model you'll lose the iOS support, and other models have slightly more limited vehicle support.
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