Combining sessions?

I have created several sessions for laps at the same circuit, a new session each time I have been to the pits and go back out, however, I`d like to be able to combine them all to get a best theoretical lap, is that possible?

If not, in future, I`ll do them all in one session, but I prefer to keep them seperate.



  • Sorry, there is no feature combining the sessions to get common optimal lap (atleast yet). What I do is use same session for the all of the laps for the day. Using one session for separate days is not recommended.
  • hmmm. I am in Germany and am doing a lot of laps on the Nurburgring, being able to see my `optimum` time would have been nice thats all.

    The problem is that occasionally the timing records a rogue lap and being unable to `delete` that lap means all the others are irrelevant for the optimum calculation.

    Is there an option to `delete` a lap from the session file ?

    Its only a small thing. What I`ve started doing is copying the session files at the end of each day, then resuming them the next day, if they do get a bad lap, I can go back to the previous day`s file and so only lose one day.Not ideal, but it works.

  • Hi Nige, there is "lap times > options > mark invalid", and the lap will be greyed out. You can also hide the invalid laps from another setting. The invalid laps are not taken in account in the optimum or best laps.
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