Porsche 992 CAN bus

edited October 2023 in DIY builds

i have a great setup for DIY can bus with ESP32 device. i used it to great success on g80 m3. trying something similar on 992 GT3 and i having no such luck.

according to VBOX and rennlist, it should be green/brown twisted pair.

https://www.racelogic.co.uk/_downloads/vbox/Vehicles/Other/Docs/Porsche-911 (992)%202019-.pdf

went into my passenger panel and saw green/brown twisted pair, tapped them with posi-tap, same as i did with g80, but i don't get any data. car off, car key on, car running --> no data. VBOX says its 500 kbps can bus connection. i don't receive any errors or alerts from esp32 can chip.

i tried hooking up Raspberry Pi + Pi CAN hat, which i also previously used on g80 for can-utils + candump, and nothing, like no data whatsoever coming over the lines.

i have tried re-tapping, in case the posi-taps didn't work for some reason, still nothing.

kinda stuck now as to where to go to next to debug. any ideas?


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