help with picking a phone please

Hello :)

Can someone help me pick the cheapest phone I can run race chrono from? I'm having trouble going through all the phones then looking them up on ebay. Some listed are 100's of dollars some are not. Which is the cheapest model that I can look for used.

Thank you!


  • e62 is good.
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    Hi, RaceChrono with Nokia E62 has a problem keeping on the back light (can be hacked though...). If you want view live timer in real time, then do not choose it.

    I can't help with the phones, as I do not know which are available for you cheaply. Make sure it has S60 3rd edition, 5th edition or Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.1.

    My favorite is currently Nokia 5800, which costs around $300 as new.
  • hi I have got a e62 today before i saw this message but I am trying to install...but after during install it says "file corrupted"
  • Hi I have got installed on E62 but when I click on race chrono it says Menu: Feature not supported!
  • hmmm wierd but 1.30 works on a few of mine. Did you do a factory reset on the phone?

    Call/email me if you got more problems.
  • hi i did do reset of the phone , actually before it installs it says "aplication not compatible with phone" then it installs if you press continue then after if you click on race chrono it says Menu: Feature not supported!
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    Please install the version for S60 3rd edition and S60 3rd edition fp1.
  • Hi thanks Dmitriy and aol it works great now

    I will try to make the backlight work as well!

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