GoPro footage into RaceChrono - multiple duplicate files?

Hi guys - love the app so far, getting some really valuable data and find the GoPro integration works very well.

However - I feel like I'm being silly here and that there must be an obviously better way, but it seems to require so many duplicate video files to work, for example:

- Start recording of GoPro via RaceChrono app
- Review session and see linked videos (but not download them via RC since this takes way too long)
- Plug GoPro into phone with USB and download to Quik (which saves the file in Quik app directory)
- Save videos to phone (which saves the file in gallery)
- Import to RaceChrono (which saves the file in RC app directory)
- Export telemetry overlay (which saves the file in gallery)

I'm sure there must be a better way as duplicating 4 x 10gb files onto phone storage which eats storage real quick, I know you can delete as you go but when trying to do a number at once it gets a bit sticky.

For what it's worth I think the RC overlaid video is considerably better than Racerender etc too, but I do use that on PC for ease. Would be great if there was a PC app to get the RC overlaid video.

Or am I just being stupid? :smiley:


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    We are currently working on standalone overlay exporting, so you could use video editor like DaVinci Resolve to create the overlaid videos on PC.
  • I'm in the same camp as stef. Would love to see the standalone export option. Are you going to use some sort of codec that supports an alpha channel?
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    @chiller It will generate two videos, one RGB and one grayscale representing the alpha channel. At least DaVinci Resolve can use those to create the overlay with alpha channel.
  • interesting, i wonder how telemetry overlay ( does it. they export a single file with an alpha channel, which seems a lot more manageable and compatible with more 3rd party editors (tho i myself use davinci resolve)..

    From the manual:

    "You can also export a transparent movie with just the gauges. This is useful if you want to continue editing the video in an external video editor (Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X...). You can apply color corrections and other processes to the video footage without affecting the gauges, then apply the gauges layer on top."
  • If you find out, let me know...
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    yea,@ 4:08

    you can see various options in MOV format with PNG sequence, ProRes, QT LE for transparent video, it also lets you export in mp4 with chroma key and further let's you choose the chroma key color, if the default green conflicts with scene or gauges.

    not exactly sure if any of these are specifically easier or better than the 2 videos (RGB/grayscale) method proposed here, as i am not a video editing professional, etc. i just know i have used telemetry overlay in the past and that transparent MOV worked well with davinici resolve. i just wanted to point out telemetry overlay, since they seem to have done this and works fairly well.

    i am not exactly sure how much i would actually use this since RaceChrono 8, as i think that whole ecosystem and gauge editor in v8 is really nicely done and at the end of the day, i guess i don't want to spend hours in video editing for my racetrack purposes :smile: but it does seem like all gopro videos look so much better after just a few corrections in davinci, so i would certainly give this a good try if its relatively simple workflow.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono That sounds like a reasonable approach. Looking forward to testing that out!
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