stand alone GPS/Accelerometer?

While surfing I found this unit. I do not know cost, but it seems to contain a lot of the features in one small package:

Enhanced Performance GPS-Aided MEMS AHRS to Full INS/GPS
-200 GPS Aided AHRS
-300 INS with GPS, Magnetometers & Barometric Pressure
-400 Loosely Coupled INS/GPS with Magnetometers & Baro. Press.
• Rugged Environmentally Sealled Packaging & MILSPEC Connector
• Low Noise Gyros & Accelerometers
• In-Run Gyro Bias 20°/hour 1?
• Pitch, Yaw and Roll Angels 0.5° typical
• Redundant Altitude ±3 meters typical
• Fully Compensated Bias, Scale Factor, Misalignment, g-Sensitivity,
Heading & Altitude
• Kalman Filter GPS-Aiding
• Single RS485 Data Rate 100Hz
• GPS Receiver - 50 Channel C/A Code & 4Hz Position Data Update Rate
• GPS Accuracy ± 2.5m CEP
• Supports WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS
• Low Power < 750 milliwatts typical
• Light Weight < 162 grams
• Small Size < 108cm3/6.6in3
• Low Voltage +3.1 to 4.2V (single sided power)
• Bandwidth 100 Hz (user selectable)
• Bandwidth Filtering Capability
• Vibration Isolation, Precision Alignment & Shock Resistant
• Self Test & 6ea Internal Temp Sensors

Thoughts about using something like this?


  • Or maybe this one?

    • LPC2148 ARM7
    • EM408 SiRF III GPS
    • LIS302DL triple axis accelerometer
    • Tri-color status LED
    • Bluetooth wireless 100m range
    • 1100mAh LiPo battery
    • 140mA active (Bluetooth® enabled)
    • 110mA active (no Bluetooth® capability)
    • 4mA sleep mode
    • Charging over USB
    • Charge status LED
    • SparkFun USB bootloader
    • USB mass storage (Window, Mac, Linux supported)
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    Wow nice find. The second device, KinetaMap looks exactly like the one sold by MaxQData for rip off price of $499. They've probably just have modified firmware to output 20 Hz. I could possibly support the accelerometers on that device, for $199 this device might be probably worth testing. It has only 1 Hz GPS, but the accelerometers might be very good. I'm thinking if I should buy one?

    While the first device says all the right keywords to make my mouth foam, I'm guessing it to be hugely expensive. Got price info? It's probably something that could be used to guide missiles or fly UAS :) Also good for RaceChrono if some extra money :)
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    Just been reading the user manual for KinetaMap. Turns out you can easily turn the accelerometer logging to 20 Hz.

    The device does not send real time accelerations over the Bluetooth, so with the standard firmware the accelerometer data would be available only when downloading the logs afterwards (can be done via Bluetooth directly to the phone). The firmware can be modified by anyone, so this could be changed ...

    But never the less the logging feature on the thing is great too. So if live display is not needed, then just leave the phone at pits, and download the data with phone when back at pits!
  • I wonder if they have a 5hz model?
  • The GPS unit is changable, so you could insert a 5Hz GPS if you so wished. You'd need to modify the firmware to ensure the serial port was correctly configured but there's people who've done that before on the forum.
  • Which forum? Sparkfun?
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    Sorry, yes. The Sparkfun forum. The link I emailed you yesterday.
  • Ah yes, thanks. Good to have it here too :)
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