Multitasking Expectations

I have an iPhone 12 Pro, RaceBox Mini S, and a KIWI 3 ODB. Is it reasonable to expect to record my track laps with video (via iPhone camera), car data (via ODB) and track data (via RaceBox) synced?


  • yea that would work, with the racebox and kiwi3 being bluetooth LE, it works really well.

    this a sample i recorded late last year (i unfortunately messed up the external mic), but this is iPhone, GoPro (with DJI Mic), Racebox Mini, Kiwi3 ODB

    the only issue is ODB is slow, after adding 2 or 3 channels, only expect about 2-4hz for data updates. Racebox will be at 25hz no problem tho.
  • Thanks, that looks like what I’d want.
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