RC pro: All-in-one setup verification

Hello folks, i have previously used an action camera with external mic connected, racechrono on android, Bluetooth OBD2, racebox mini GPS, and dashware to merge video, telemetry, and OBD2 data. however, this has been time consuming. it appears that RC pro allows you to record video that is somehow synced with data. my intent is as follows:

- Use a samsung galaxy S7 as the central processing / aggregating device
- Use racechrono pro on the samsung to manage and merge all the feeds
- Connect an external engine bay mic to the Samsung's mic port
- Use the Samsung's internal camera to shoot 1080p/60fps out the windshield
- Use my bluetooth OBD2 for data via RC pro
- Use my racebox mini for GPS via RC pro

1. Will racechrono pro be able to merge and process all of these inputs?
2. More importantly, can this achieve basically with a single "click"? Once a session is recorded, how easy is the export? Are standard templates used?


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    It should work fine, except the external mic might or might not work. You could also use the video from your action camera with RC, just drop the Dashware part of your original work flow, and import the video files using a memory card reader connected to your phone.
  • Thank you. My action camera died so I'm interested in using something I already have laying around for video. I'm ordering a female trs to male trrs adapter and am going to try the external mic soon

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