[Racebox] Leanangle + G Force

Hey there
i mostly use racechrono and racebox for motorcycle activities. i have also seen the other really old thread regarding lean angle.

biggest point by the RC dev was that racebox themselves cant implement it, i have tried their app and they do give accurate lean angle data nowadays but RC still seems to use some "calculated data" which is extremly wrong.
for example if i record a session with their app, i get pretty much equal lean angle left and right somewhere between 40 and 50°
whereas in RC i get over 60° to the left and not even 40° to the right. i have run multiple calibrations before going on track but it didnt seem to help.

another thing is g forces, while forward/backward works fine, left to right doesnt seem to be displayed as i am expecting.
i totally understand that if the device is leaning with me, the gforces left to right for the device will be nearly 0 as i am going through the turn, but shouldnt there be a formula that translates my leanangle so that the X and Z axis (left-right & up-down) will be calculated correctly so that a somewhat close representation of how much forces are applied to each side can be generated?
i have certainly seen that in data loggers and those use static gyros aswell

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    Did you calibrate in RaceChrono? The calibration in the RaceBox app does not transfer.

    You can also try to calibrate afterwards in RaceChrono by doing Session > (top menu) > Session settings > Auto-detect. In session settings you can also select between IMU and GPS for the source.
  • yes i calibrated in RC when the bike was upright.
    why is it using GPS anyways when theres a gyro available?
  • It should be using the IMU by default.
  • imu from the phone or the racebox?
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