Feature Request: Min/Max/Avg for channels other than GPS

Hi everyone!

When opening a session, there is a view to see all the GPS channels with min/max/avg values per lap.
It would be extremely useful to have this view also for CAN data (or whatever comes in by the DIY device), especially for suspension values. Having an average value per lap would really help to understand the position of the bike and adjust the suspension.

What do you think?


  • Integrating a feature to display CAN data alongside GPS channels sounds like a valuable enhancement, especially for analyzing suspension values and making adjustments accordingly. Being able to view minimum, maximum, and average values per lap could provide valuable insights into the performance of the bike and aid in optimizing its setup.

    Adding this functionality could greatly benefit riders and teams in fine-tuning their suspension setups to improve performance and comfort on the track. It would streamline the process of analyzing data and making informed decisions about adjustments, ultimately enhancing the overall riding experience.
  • Sure, this is fixed in the next version.
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