ESP32 CAN-BUS data logger + laptime monitor freeze

I am working on a car CAN-BUS data logger(display) using ESP32.
One of the main features of this display is to send 8 bytes of CAN-BUS data through BLE communication with racechrono and to monitor racechrono's lap time information to display it on the screen.

However, a problem arises here. There is no problem when using either the CAN-BUS transmission or lap time monitor function alone, but when I use both functions at the same time, the phone stops at some point.
At this time, there is no other solution but to force quit the application.

If I reduce the CAN-BUS transmission from about 10Hz to 5Hz or lower, the freezing significantly decreases.
It seems like there might be a bug in racechrono or a problem with my code, but does anyone have any tips on this phenomenon?

this is my CAN-BUS data loger + laptime monitor.


  • Hi Alex,

    that looks nice, would love to learn more about that display!

    I didn't use the monitor feature so far, but I use BLE interface to transfer CAN and GPS data (combined from one DIY device) to racechrono. I noticed there is some trouble when I start sending CAN data already before sending GPS later (no problem with CAN alone). It does not freeze the app, but I need to start a new session. I did not test if that is depending on the update rate, I always use 25Hz for GPS and even 50 or 100Hz for CAN data. My solution is not to send anything unless I have a satellite fix and can send GPS right from the beginning.
    While this doesn't help you solve your problem, it might be a hint for the developer as it could be connected to the same root cause?
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