Can-bus over wifi

Hi, I there a way to send can-bus data over wifi using for example esp32. I would like to use ble as cliënt to get all sensors data and stream them over wifi to racechrono probably at better rate ?


  • I've just started to build smth similar, already got some hardware, and today tested the Racechrono DYI software module with external tcp server + nmea 0183, but would be connecting to vehicle through CAN bus

  • @artem981 please let me know if you succeeded using wifi. I am struggling :)
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    @82revo I was able to connect to esp32-based server and send the data to racechrono through TCP channel using RC3 protocol, manually specified the 25hz update rate in the device, but haven't tested yet on the road,

    the only thing that bothers me is the RC3 format, which is not really a great option since you can't name the channels, all have Analog X name,

    and DL-1 protocol is completely unclear, was trying to google it, but see just information about the DL1 data logger, not the protocol.

    Just read example of the DYI Device + CAN passthrough, and seems like that supports only BLE, not the wifi/tcp, and will require to write EQUATIONS in the racechrono app, which is another not really convenient thing
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