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Hi everyone , Fatty from Australia here , I'm having trouble getting started .I have downloaded to my Samsung Omnia SGHi900 , the software saves all my nominated tracks from down here in Oz until I turn the phone off. Upon start-up again only the demo track is retained, none of the tracks I downloaded. I have not used the program on track yet, that's next Monday at Phillip Island . I'm hoping it is only that I have not been to the track 'live' yet.. Awesome software package , just hoping I can make it work for me for my return to Superbike Racing..
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Do you have free space on your memory card? Maybe it is full or somehow write protected.
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    Hi aol , thanks for the reply, as of now in memory I have 14.6MB free in storage and 53.96 MB free in programs , so I don't think space will be a problem. If there is a write protection , is there a way around it?. It's driving me mad , because the phone seems to accept the download , even to the point where I can access the example track and see all the fantastic functions it can provide , but no matter what , if I turn the phone off or reset it , or if the battery runs out , the saved tracks that I downloaded , the ones I will race on , are not retained. I'm really hoping I don't have to buy an additional phone just to utilise the Racechrono program.
    Any ideas , please help , Thanks Fatty...
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    Yes it seems there is some kind of a problem...

    Do you have an external memory card on your device at all?

    What are the available storage selections under "Settings > General > Storage selection"?

    Can you open the file manager and see the contents of \RaceChrono\Tracks\ for all storages? Does any of those folders contain the tracks you've downloaded?
  • Gday Aol , yes I have an 8GB card in the phone of which 7,418.97 MB is Free...
    When I use the help menu and search for racechrono/tracks ,... the result is "No itemsFound".
    If I open file explorer and click on storage card , a Racechrono folder is seen with sub-folders of Exports,Sessions and tracks. The tracks Folder is empty.
    Thanks for the reply , I'll stay online..
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    Go to and download few tracks manually. Then copy the tracks to \RaceChrono\tracks on the memory card. Then start RaceChrono to see if they are loaded.

    Also which storage is selected on the RaceChrono settings? Which storages are there available?
  • Hi again aol , I think I may have been successful in manually downloading the tracks as you suggested then copying each file into the tracks folder on my storage card. After restarting the phone twice and also turning it off for a few minutes , then powering it back up , the down loaded tracks are still in the Racechrono menu which is great.
    I will try it at Phillip Island next Monday 31 / 08 /09.
    Thank you very much for your help , I'll let you know how it goes.
    Cheers Fatty....
  • Good to know that worked. Please start a test session to see if it "stays", or if there is some additional session.
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