Racechrono v1.30 with HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) with OBDKey


I've installed RC v1.30 on my HTC Touch HD running Windows Mobile 6.5. When I tried to connect it the OBDKey, RC failed to display the channels from OBDKey.

I've tried with all different baud rate and plug/unplug it when starting/resuming a session. RC always displays "WAITING" on the top of the Live Timer screen the GPS is working fine. The "blue light" of OBDKey was on (seems connected to RC though), just that can't see the channels being displayed on the Live Timer screen.

When I checked on the NMEA file, there seems that the OBD chanels were being logged:
some samples from NMEA file:
$RCOBD,,0C,41 0C 0C 9A *7A
$RCOBD,,0D,41 0D 00 *51
$RCOBD,,0C,41 0C 0C A5 *76
$RCOBD,,0D,41 0D 00 *51
$RCOBD,,0C,41 0C 0C B0 *70

Are these the channels data from OBDKey? But I can't see them on the Live Timer screen but just the "WAITING" on top.

Or should I downgrade my HTC TOUCH HD Rom to windows mobile 6.1 instead?


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    Hi, do not downgrade the OS. Problem is probably with RaceChrono.

    You are using the internal GPS right? It might be there was such bug with Internal GPS with OBD-II, I'll have to check when I get back home.

    Can you send me the NMEA log for that session to tracks(at)racechrono.com.
  • Just looked at my SVN. There is problem with OBD-II when used together with Internal GPS setting. I fixed this problem already but did not make a release because I thought not many will encounter this... Next version will fix this.
  • Hi!, i have the same problem with my htc hd.
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    I will fix this for the next version.
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