Racechrono in other languages

Hi everyone,

First of all, i'm Jeroen, live in the Netherlands, went to the Nurburgring for the first time last weekend and got instantly hooked on racing. ;)
Some guys there had Racechrono on their phones so i went to the website and downloaded a copy for my phone (Htc touch pro).
Only thing, i like the program to be in my own language: Dutch
Is this even possible, I tried to look for it on the website but couldn't find anything?



  • Hi, currently RaceChrono is available only in English.
  • If is easy to you aol, (if it is litle hard no!!) Can to publish the code to translate? We, the users can to translate to our language
  • edited September 2009
    I plan to release strings to translate next year. But before that I need a system that will allow users to load their custom strings (to test the translation), and add some help texts etc (so user manual would not necessarily be needed).

    Stay tuned :)
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