PDA running windows mobile 6, having issues with bluetooth setup

Downloaded your software after seeing it live - very easy to use interface, looks great!

My PDA (ASUS A626, touchscreen) is running Mobile 6 software. When I goto setup the bluetooth connection under "GPS device" it says "bluetooth is currently turned off. Do you want to turn it on?"

It says that when I have bluetooth both turned off and on manually on the device. If I say "Yes" it takes awhile and comes back with this error message:

"Error in turning on Bluetooth. Notice if your device has WIDCOMM bluetooth stack, it is not directly supported, so you will have to use it through serial ports"

I tried two different GPS bluetooth devices, both bluetooth setting and serial port com7 - both couldnt get a satellite lock.

Just wondering what I should try/do next. Ill be honest that widcomm stacks means nothing to me :)

Thank you,
Sam Grant


  • WIDCOMM just means you'll have to use the serial ports :) Here's instructions how I got WIDCOMM stack working with RaceChrono on a WM2003 device:

    You have to use your Bluetooth GPS through "virtual COM ports". Define "Serial Port / Outbound port" setting to the WIDCOMM Bluetooth settings (can be found under control panel). Use the same port in RaceChrono settings for a Serial Port GPS-type.
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